My family estate is a property apart that produces atypical wines and full of personality.
Our reputation is based on the quality and consistency of our wines, which continue to improve year on years.
We have spent several generations learning to understand, respect, and follow our terroir.
We let each vintage write its own story and we adapt according to its temperament.


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We practice a plot vinification, slow and soft which is adapted according to the vintages and which is different according to the wines. In first step, each plot is treated in separate tanks to keep the terroir and grape variety identity. Each vat is vinified and aged according to its own characteristics. The grapes are not crushed but remain in the tank and are kept cold at 10 ° C for one week. The temperatures are then raised by 20 ° to 28 ° during fermentations. Each tank has two pumping per day and a daily tasting during this essential period.

The cellar perfectly combines know-how and modern technology: cold pre-fermentation maceration, thermo-regulated stainless steel vats, natural malolactic fermentation partly in barrels.

We equip ourselves with high technologic equipment. In the cellar, we choose a vertical press that allows to work smoothly without crushing: this operation preserves the juice and avoids highlighting the greenness of stems and seeds pressed in excess.
Our barrels are submitted to a strict selection. New, French oak, they allow a quality ageing which discretely highlight aromas and flavours. With a variable duration from 5 to 12 months the ageing brings a right and elegant wood.
Throughout the aging, bi-monthly tastings are organised to ensure constant monitoring of the evolution of each tank and barrel.
Finally, to give our wines all the character and personality that distinguish them, our wines are only blended before bottling and are not fined.

Château Fleur Haut Gaussens : key steps of the vinification

  • The Grand Vin is in integral vinification in barrel: a daily punching is necessary in each barrel during two weeks.
  • The single-grape variety wines: La Viminière and La Bergeronnette are vinified and partly aged in new barrel.
  • The whole grape arrive in the vats, they are not crushed
  • Cold Pre-fermentation and upholding of temperatures, two pumping per day
  • Regular tastings for permanent monitoring during winemaking
  • No fining.

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