My family estate is a property apart that produces atypical wines and full of personality.
Our reputation is based on the quality and consistency of our wines, which continue to improve year on years.
We have spent several generations learning to understand, respect, and follow our terroir.
We let each vintage write its own story and we adapt according to its temperament.


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Our story begins in 1941 when Daniel and Catherine Lhuillier the Hervé Lhuillier’s paternal grandparents (son and daughter of winemaker for several generations) settle at a place called Les Gaussens.

In 1976, Nicole and Pierre Lhuillier the parents, relying on their family heritage also create their own estate with 8 hectares in Les Gaussens. The production is then sold in bulk.

In 1990, Hervé Lhuillier the son, joined the estate after his studies, innovative ideas in head and a real desire to create a strong brand. He starts the production of the first bottles.


In 1996, with the confidence of his parents, he took over the family business: Vignobles Pierre Lhuillier et fils, and began a decisive turning point in the family estate life.

– He gradually enlarges the production area by choosing quality terroirs: in 1999 the property has 18 hectares of vines in addition.
– The technical facilities are reviewed: creation of a wine cellar equipped with thermo regulated stainless steel tanks, and a water treatment system, purchase of modern and highly technical equipment.
– An external consultant reinforces the technical skills of the estate.
Marketing is redesigned, Hervé Lhuillier wants modernity: that is why a chic and trendy packaging is born the one Château Fleur Haut Gaussens!

In 2013, despite the historically bad year, Hervé Lhuillier began a new modernization plan: a more functional warehouse was built for the storage of bottles, the tasting room and offices were completely renovated to better welcome customers and visitors.
This modernization plan will end in 2017 with the complete renovation of the exterior.

At the same time, our winemaker, always in search of newness and challenge, launches in 2015 his first single grape variety: a 100% Malbec, Château Fleur Haut Gaussens «La Viminière» which will be awarded many times. Then, a 100% Cabernet -Franc, Château Fleur Haut Gaussens “La Bergeronnette”, is born for its first vintage 2016.

Finally, as a culmination, the Grand Vin, first vintage 2016 will be sold in 2018. A mass of experience, know-how, and precision this Grand Vin echoes the Hervé Lhuillier’s fatherhood following the birth of his daughter in 2016.

In 2018, the estate prepares a new challenge and plants its first Sauvignon Blanc vines on an exceptional soil: a limestone quarries subsoil. Thus, in 2022, two new 100% Sauvignon Blanc single-variety vintages from the 2021 vintage will be added to the Château Fleur Haut Gaussens range. First Pierre Blanche and then Grand Blanc, which like Grand Vin is the estate’s haute couture cuvée in AOC Bordeaux Blanc.

Today, Château Fleur Haut Gaussens is present in 24 countries and reveals the potential of 40 hectares of land with passion. Thanks to the long-term work of a team with the greatest respect for the environment, our wines have found their place in the best of the AOC.

Château Fleur Haut Gaussens the key years :

  • 1941: Installation of the paternal grandparents at Gaussens in Vérac
  • 1976: Creation of Gaec Vignobles Pierre Lhuillier by Nicole and Pierre Lhuillier. The company operates 8 Hectares.
  • 1990: Hervé Lhuillier joins the family estate
  • 1991: Freezing of 70% of the vineyard following an episode of frost on April 21st on the bud burst.
  • 1992: First production bottled at the Château
  • 1996: Hervé Lhuillier takes over the management of EARL Vignobles Pierre and Hervé Lhuillier.
  • 1997: First modernization plan (construction of a modern and technical wine cellars)
  • 1999: The property exploits 26 Hectares
  • 2001: Creation of chic and trendy packaging for Château Fleur Haut Gaussens
  • 2002: Beginning of the export business approach
  • 2005: Vintage “Coup de Cœur” in the Revue des Vins de France.
  • 2006: Beginning of recognition: publication in the Bordeaux Premieres
  • 2007: Vintage Gold Medalist at the Bordeaux competition
  • 2008: Vintage Gold Medalist at the Bordeaux competition
  • 2009: Vintage Gold Medal winner at the Agricultural Competition of Paris. Wine Enthusiast 90pts
  • 2010: Vintage Silver Medalist at the Bordeaux Competition
  • 2011: Vintage Silver Medalist in Los Angeles, Wine Competition
  • 2012: Vintage silver medalist at the Brussels competition
  • 2013: The vintage is not bottled: the quality is not up due to a very bad weather year.
  • 2014: New Modernization Plan ,Vintage Gold Medalist at the Paris Agricultural Competition
  • 2015: Reception of visitors in a tasting room and fully renovated offices
    • First vintage of the single grape variety 100% MALBEC La Viminière
    • Vintage Château Fleur Haut Gaussens Gold Medalist at the Concours de Bordeaux,
  • 2016: Vintage Château Fleur Haut Gaussens Winner of the Talents of Bordeaux Supérieurs
    • First vintage of the 100% CABERNET FRANC La Bergeronnette, Gold Medalist at the Concours International des Cabernets.
    • First vintage of GRAND VIN.
  • 2017: Freezing 60% of parcels following a frost episode in April on budding.
    • Château Fleur Haut Gaussens Silver Medalist at the Concours Agricole de Paris.
  • 2018: Sauvignon Blanc plantation on limestone quarries: the estate exploits nearly 40 hectares.
    • Château Fleur Haut Gaussens Gold Medalist at the Concours de Bordeaux
    • 100% CABERNET FRANC La Bergeronnette Gold Medalist at the Concours International des Cabernets.
  • 2020 : Château Fleur Haut Gaussens Gold Medalist at the Concours Agricole de Paris.

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